Outbrain Brand Studio Outperforms All Channels with Best Engagement and Conversion-to-Orders for DS-4 Launch

Campaign Performance


sales conversions vs. Facebook


CPA vs. other open web platforms (car order)


CPL vs. other open web platforms (contact form)


engagement rate with Outbrain Brand Studio


"Working with the Brand Studio team was brilliant - both in terms of the creative process and the work produced - we were very, very satisfied! This included a +10% CVR vs FB and a 19.4% lower CPA vs other open web platforms. We have already briefed the Brand Studio team on further campaigns and are looking forward to what else we can create and achieve together." - Maor Kagan, Head Of Digital Marketing, Lubinski Group

The Challenge

DS Automobiles sought a 'high fashion' feel for its DS-4 campaign launch in Israel. Alongside other channels and platforms, the Lubinski Group tasked Outbrain Brand Studio to build up its presence in a new market, typically traditional in its choice of vehicles. With a need to drive awareness and engagement, the brand needed to introduce the luxurious details and technology of the DS-4 to the market.

The Solution

Brand Studio’s design team built a custom experience that stretched the digital canvas, pushing the boundaries of open web marketing and delighting users. A full-screen format with multiple interactive elements gave path to several engagement touchpoints. Users were able to swipe multiple cards to learn more about the car’s features, and then view a 15-second showcase video. In addition, users who tapped on the creative would be redirected to the DS landing page, driving conversions toward orders.

Preview on Mobile


  • Creative to Engage:

    Interactive campaign elements prompted excitement among audiences to discover more about the DS-4 model, evidenced by the remarkable 7.73% engagement rate and ability to drive the best conversions-to-orders vs. other channels.

  • Video:

    Users learning more about the car model helped deliver stronger video engagement. Not only were 89% of video views unmuted by the viewer, but the campaign achieved a 62% video completion rate.

  • Open Web Audiences:

    The most engaged audiences had three brand interactions - swiping, video views, and click-through – in one customized experience.

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Our goal for the campaign was to build awareness in environments where we have previously seen valuable audiences and results. However, with these new, custom experiences, the engagement rate of 7.73% significantly exceeded those expectations and drove the best conversions-to-orders vs. all other channels.”

Maor Kagan

Head Of Digital Marketing, Lubinski Group

"We are happy to continue our deep collaboration with Outbrain and be at the forefront of product innovation for our customers. The work with the brand studio team was efficient, and the product yielded excellent results both at the level of awareness and at the level of performance to reduce costs for the purchase of a car.”

Bar Galai

Digital Supervisor, UnionHead